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New HIGS collection – a recognizable images and exciting stories that are expertly veiled in each bottle
Shortfill or Shake n’ Vape e-liquids are larger bottles of vape juice that come without nicotine.
Best choice for those who want to try all of our flavors, in a smaller capacity, if you are the one who is always in search of something new.
Nic & Salt
Nicotine and Salt Nicotine flavor solution in TPD compliant package.
Nicotine boosters, commonly used in shortfill liquids to get nicotine dosage.
PG/VG Base
Crystal clear base and state-of-art lab made drip bases for those who is in search of perfection for that special DIY mix.
If you want to boost your e-juice flavor, our enhancers are best and industry innovative.

Few words about us

You've come to the right place if you want to enhance your vaping experience by tasting our first class vaping products. We are competent to bring you finest quality, genuinely mixed ingredients, so that you can feel the real taste of fine and smooth vaping.

We never compromise the best and quality ingredients.

Another significant feature of our products is a wonderfull tongue touching flavour. Our range is carefully selected to suit different tasting preferences, ripe fruits, freshly baked cookies and mature tobacco. You can pick your preferred flavour from our wide collection. Also we offer a wide choice of additives and crystal clear vaping base to suit the most picky vaper.