Flavor Boosters

Cooling Agent 10 ml

Cooling Agent gives that „cold” feeling at the back of the mouth. Great for ice candy flavors. It does not have a taste as such but works great with menthol.

Menthol Agent
Menthol Agent gives a cool, minty and refreshing aroma. Through its diverse applications, it could be used in juices requiring that cooling effect and mint taste.
Apple Sour 10 ml
Apple Sour is used to receive pleasantly sour, fruity taste in your e- liquids. It gives a very fresh apple flavor to every mix.
Citric Sour 10 ml

Citric Sour adds sourness to e-liquids, it also lifts juiciness and freshness of fruity flavors.

Ethyl Maltol 10 ml
Ethyl Maltol is commonly applied to smoothen some sharp notes in e- juices by adding a dash of sweetness.
Erythritoll 10 ml

Erythritol is a sweetener similar to Sucralose. Burns at higher temperature thus reducing coil soot buildup.

Sweet Blend 10 ml

Our own blend of sweeteners - leaves a sweet aftertaste on your lips.